The process of building your own home is very much complex – and, you would have to sail through the hot waters to construct your own home! We here at Propzo have observed that there is a lot of trust deficit with the chosen vendor. People usually do not get their desired results after the construction is done! That involves many factors including the low-quality building materials, delayed and late completion of projects, designing and many other aspects are hardly up-to-the mark which has developed the trust deficit between Contractors and clients.
Propzo with a Mission of making home Construction a smooth and hassle-free experience has made the process simple

How does this Process work?


Requirement Gathering

A relationship manager from Propzo will work with you to gather the requirements of your dream home. Propzo takes an Introduction fee from the clients and based on the requirements gathered we shortlist the top 3 matches who will be the best fit to build your home.


Selection of Contractor

All your requirements had been shared with the Shortlisted Contractors and Propzo arranges a meeting with each of the Contractors. After a detailed discussion with each Contractor you can choose any one of them. If you do not like anybody your Introduction fee will be fully refunded.


Contract and Payment

Propzo will help you create a Strong agreement with the Contractor so that all the contingencies are covered to get your dream home. Payment can be made to an Escrow account and will be released as per the stage of construction that has been agreed upon in the Contract.


Monitor Using Technology

Technology will be leveraged to monitor the progress of work and to make this process smooth. Weekly Updates will be provided in our platform on the progress and You can give your feedback about the progress which will affect the Contractors Future prospects. This will make them all the more sincere in their efforts.


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