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Building a New Home vs. Buying an Existing Home – Which One (Really) Is Cheaper?


Buying a home is the same as starting a new life. It is a huge step and needs critical analysis. A house you choose should be comfortable, cost-effective to run and maintain, and must hold its value into the future. The cost and effort needed to create your dream home leave you in the dilemma of whether to buy an existing home or build a new one.


Buying a property is the single largest investment that most people will ever make. The decision is therefore, full of worries and stress. Newly built houses can be tailored according to one’s needs. You can choose your amenities and even the floor plan you want to go ahead with. However, when we come to buying an existing property, it is a safer option for many people.


Well, each has its pros and cons. Now if you are wondering which one is cheaper; well, it depends on your need.


Building vs Buying: Which is Cheaper


Yes, building a house sounds costly. But the point to consider is it pricier than buying one in today’s expensive real estate market? Well, the answer to this question to some extent depends on your need and budget. Building a home is a far-reaching preparation process.


What all you need to consider if you decide to build a home:


  • You need to choose the land
  • Get the architecture done
  • Hire a reliable contractor
  • Arrange for fixtures if needed
  • Wait for the completion


The first step to build your dream home is to buy some land. If you are looking to build it in a renowned locality, then you may need to throw your dreams in the waste bin. Affordable purchase is only possible in the suburbs. As a second step you need to set up a few utilities on your land for your new development. Besides time to supervise; building a home necessitates the expertise of architects, electricians and engineers. If you cannot manage; you need to appoint a top-quality contractor at expensive hourly fees.



Buying is undeniably hassle-free. You just need to choose a reputed builder. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of purchasing land, choosing (selecting r same) a contractor, taking all of the design decisions, planning everything within a budget. If you are staying in a rented house; buying a property gives you the chance to move immediately. This can help you save the rent a swell.


If you should go for building your home or buying a new home, depends on if you have a considerable amount of money saved, a steady job with a steady income.


Wrapping Up – The Verdict


We are still on the confusion if it’s cheaper to build or buy your home. Well, it’s a difficult question to answer. The answer depends on what your goal is for your home. Choose the one that suits you. Whether you build or buy; it’s your own. Happy living!

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