Once you are done with purchasing a house – the next most crucial step is Designing your house, and Propzo is the best place for that. Having a home is like a dream coming true and decorating your house according to your desires and requirements is the most exciting moment. if you are a young couple, you must be planning to renovate your house with trendier and cozy space. If you are a couple with Kids, there must be a top priority of “Kids Room.” Being Grand Parents, you would want to design and renovate your house in a way, which would be best for the whole family. Whatever your demands would be – We here at Propzo would love to meet your renovating demands!

How we at Propzo design and renovate houses?


Choice of Interior Designers

We have top trained professional Interior Designers signed up with Propzo! Once you knock at Propzo with Interior designing and renovating requirements, we will shortlist 5 Interior designers for you based on your requirements. The sample work of those 5 Interior Designers would be available at Propzo. Once you have seen the sample work ? and you like that work, you may shortlist all those five designers or any one of them.


Contract and Payment

To discuss the next steps with Shortlisted Interior Designer, you would need to pay a registration fee. Once you finalize to go ahead with one of them, Propzo will help you create an agreement with the Interior Designer and make it more formal. Payment can be made to an Escrow account and will be released as per the stage of design that has been agreed upon in the Contract.


Monitor Using Technology

Technology will be leveraged to monitor the progress of work and to make this process smooth. Weekly Updates will be provided in our platform on the progress and You can give your feedback about the progress which will affect the Interior Designers Future prospects. This will make them more sincere in their efforts.

So, if you are still planning to design your house – give Propzo a Try! Your satisfaction would be our top priority! Your experience with Propzo would be unforgettable, and you would recommend Propzo to your other fellas, that is our challenge!


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