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How to maximize Natural Light in your home?


Nothing can make you feel as energetic and cheering as having plenty of natural light in your home. With the increased urbanization, however, it is becoming more and more difficult to lighten up your home with natural light. Buildings after buildings, towers after towers make it impossible for the fresh air and sunshine to enter our homes. It eventually results in increased energy consumption. So, how to get more natural light? Is it possible these days? Yes, it is.


Ways to Maximize Natural Light in your Home


Use of mirrors and shiny objects


We always keep complaining that whatever we learned in schools is not applicable in practical life. But, if you use your creative brains, it is applicable. For instance, the concept of reflection of lights can be applied very well to have more natural light in your home. Choose decorative mirrors, wall mirrors, shiny showpieces for your homes. These reflective surfaces can brighten your room even with a small ray of sunshine that enters your house.


Proper selection of colour shades


It’s time for some art class lessons! Don’t select dark colours. It would absorb the natural light and make your room dull. Instead, choose bright colours like white, light shades of yellow, orange, or even tan colours. These colours do the job of a reflective mirror and make your room look bright. Shiny, satin, or semi-gloss paint colours will further help you to brighten your room with natural light.


Selecting a good furniture


If you are planning to renovate your house to have some natural light in your home, then a good furniture choice can play an important role. Go for light-coloured furniture, sofas and pillows. Even if you are looking for small furniture items and artworks, make sure that they fit in with other fixtures.


Having large windows and doors


If you are thinking of how to get extra natural light in your home, remember that a good entrance for light is necessary. Small doors and windows can be the major obstacle in this case. You can plan for larger windows and doors. These would allow a fair amount of natural light to enter your house. Having more exposed glass objects is the easiest way to have some extra natural light (only if you are responsible enough to maintain them without breaking!). Apart from that, make sure that whatever home décor objects that you choose, it should not be an obstacle in the path of natural sunshine.


Cleaning your house


This may sound boring and basic, but it’s essential. Wash and clean your doors, windows, and other reflective objects at regular intervals. A speck of accumulated dirt on these objects will cause less reflection of light in your house.

These were some ideas that will help you to get additional natural light in your home. You should try them once. Exposure to more natural light is good for your health as well as your pocket. So, save electricity and enjoy the natural essence of brightness!


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