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How to organize my Kitchen Pantry


We are all busy reorganizing our home during this lockdown, although one of the most important tasks is the kitchen pantry organization. Instead of spending the lockdown idly, it will be better to have some activity in our life. In addition, for that, reorganizing your house can be a good idea. We keep fancying about the dream pantry storages that we see in home décor ideas, DIY pantry storage tips, etc. However, we always end up convincing ourselves that it’s just a dream, and it won’t be possible to implement in our case. Is it? Well, we don’t think so.

Why should I do a kitchen pantry organization?

If you love cooking, or if it’s a part of your job, you spend most of your daytime in the kitchen. The kitchen pantry is the part that gets messed up the most. With all the recipes and experiments that you do, the pantry becomes more and more unorganized. After a point of time, things start falling off from shelves very frequently. Also, finding the exact container that you need becomes a herculean task. Eventually, cooking becomes a stressful, irritating affair. If you want to avoid all this, then the kitchen pantry organization becomes very important.

Easy pantry storage tips that anyone can try

Not exactly a dream pantry, but you can surely organize your pantry in the most satisfactory way possible. There are a few easy pantry storage tips that can be implemented by everyone. If we begin with the basics, we can surely look forward to the advanced.

Step 1: Remove unnecessary stuff

The first round will always be the elimination round. Remove the cans, containers, food items that you don’t use anymore. Check the expiry dates and their quality. If they are too old to be used, it’s time to say bye-bye.

Step 2: Proper selection of containers.

If you are going for a complete makeover of your pantry, then a proper selection of containers is a must. Choose identical, but easily differentiable containers for similar items like the spices. You can either buy them in bulk or only the selected ones that you want. Go for naming labels if you want.

Step 3: Remove the duplicates

We keep the same items in more than one tins or containers without even realizing it. So, start looking for such duplicates. And shift the items in one large container instead of many small ones. This will help you in clearing out some space.

Step 4: Cleaning

Most important step. Clean up your pantry area. Make it hygienic.

Step 5: Reorganizing

Last but not the least; reorganize your pantry according to your choice. An organized pantry helps you see what you have in stock, what you need to restock.

Therefore, these five easy steps will help you in a successful kitchen pantry organization. Remember, it’s difficult but not impossible. You may get irritated at first, but don’t give up. You will have to enjoy your work to succeed in it. Just one more push, and that’s all!

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