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The Master Bedroom Checklist – What You Need to Get

Despite of how many bedrooms your house has, the master bedroom is always the most special. Perhaps because this is the only space in the entire home that is your very own and personal. It’s only natural that while designing this space (during home purchase or master bedroom renovation), you may have some dreamy ideas. However, it’s important to not forget some basic stuff which every master bedroom, big or small, must have.

Key Master Bedroom Essentials that You Mustn’t Forget

Here’s a short checklist to follow when designing or redesigning your bedroom space:

  • Opt for multi-layered bedding – Soft beds are always the top choice over hard ones; yet, a plush bed with two pillows and a colourful bed sheet with matching cases can look very plain and boring. Instead, go for a layered bedding look. It not only looks inviting but is extremely comfortable too.

Throw in a lot of soft pillows, stacked one against the other, to create a cosy look. Also, lay down soft bed sheets first and pile over it a fluffy blanket. You can also add another throw blanket over it if you like a more layered look. More layers mean more comfort and an irresistible invitation to hit the sack.

  • Choose a chic headboard – The bedding is what those who sleep on the bed notice but the headboard is what your guests would, so pay enough attention to it too. The bed frame should be a solid piece of furniture that’s equally stylish and trendy to catch attention. Not to forget, this is the most useful piece of furniture in your master bedroom which you’d be using for leaning against while reading in bed.
  • Don’t forget a runner – Another of the master bedroom essentials that will add more style and personality to your room while also creating an impression of more space. Besides, a rug always comes in use during cold weather.

Placing one on the bedroom floor would make it more comfortable to walk around the room even barefoot (which most people prefer at night time). And even if you don’t, a carpet can shadow the sound of footsteps. Try and place one right under your bed so that the moment you get out of your soft bed, you have something equally soft and plush to rest your feet on.

  • Go for curtains that show some, hide some – This is exactly what curtains are meant to do, right? They should ideally allow for maximum sunlight to enter the master bedroom especially during the wee hours of the morning. However, as the day progresses, they should filter out the unwanted heat and strong sunrays when you want to enjoy a quiet afternoon nap.

Look for curtains with a delicate feel. If you want to give your room a lively look, go for bold colours in curtains, also preferably matching the colour of the other furniture/furnishings in the room.

With just a few master bedroom essentials, you can turn it into your dreamy haven in no time.

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