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Smart home control with icons in kitchen interior in the evening. ( 3d render )

Trends in Home Automation and Smart Technology

Everything around is becoming smart. Literally speaking, Even our home has become more comfortable and somewhere “smarter” than the people living therein. All thanks to the Smart Technology that facilitates automation of most home devices with a view to enhancing comfortable and enjoyable living.

Here we look at the major most popular trends in home automation that are soon paving the way for smart technology to enter our very abode. Some of them may still be in the future but aren’t too far either.

But before we look at these smart trends that are likely to envelop our homes with technology automation, here’s what we exactly mean by a smart home in this post.

What is a Smart Home?

Your home gets smart when its basic functionalities such as lighting, security, utility appliances, and other home systems for convenience use can be controlled remotely by its user/homeowner. How you control your TV or music system with a remote? Imagine the controlling all your home systems and devices but not only when you’re in the house or in front of them, but literally anywhere.

Top Home Automation Trends to Look Out for in Near Future

  1. Greater Voice Control – Voice Control devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant have already entered most of our homes and we’re enjoying every bit of them – from simple tasks like listening to a worldwide music library to augmenting our knowledge about millions of things around us, or even setting useful reminders that we often tend to forget.


Now imagine if the same voice control appliances can be extended to other home systems as well. “Alexa, turn on movie night”, for example, or “Alexa, turn off the kitchen lights” when you’re done cooking and made yourself comfortable on the sofa; too lazy to go back and turn them off again.


  1. Smarter Sensors for Better Health – Look forward to smart and low-cost sensor technology that can identify numerous things in your house and help control them with a view to making your place healthier and safer for you to live in. These new sensors can now fit into a small, single device that can automatically detect your home’s indoor temperature, humidity, UV light, vibration, and motion – and even make the necessary adjustments to suit your individual comfort.


  1. Smart Intelligence for Home Security –Forget CCTV cameras and similar home security appliances. There’s new technology in the pipeline that can facilitate recognition of objects and faces. This means that if you have a surveillance camera in place at your home for security reasons, it’d now be able to detect the slightest of motion and identify people, pets, and even vehicles. In other words, the camera would be able to intelligently determine on its own through Machine Learning whether the motion is caused by someone or something familiar, such as your pet dog or a courier delivery vehicle.


  1. Automated Start to the Day – Imagine if there were a technology-driven morning routine that could gently wake you up, turn on soft lights or draw your room’s shades, start the coffeemaker, and even turn on your favourite morning channel on the TV while you get ready? How would this be possible? Through a simple voice command or the gentle push of a button.


And the good news is that all this sophisticated home automation technology that was once unimaginable to afford has now become affordable and can be blended together into a single device for ease of convenience.


Living the futuristic lifestyle can now be a reality of the present, thanks to home automation systems. Time to start investing in some of these trends this year.

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